The ultimate search extension for Kubernetes

Input keyword k then press Space in the address bar to get started. Just that easy!

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K8S Search Extension provides a convenient way to search Kubernetes resources on the address bar. We build a search index for all Kubernetes docs from

You can input multiple keywords separated by Space to narrow down the result, this is similar to the Linux pipe (|) operation. The search result of the latter keyword will be filtered from the result of the former keyword. For example, the keywords "pod create" will match ["Create Pods", "Delete Pods"] first, then narrow down to ["Create Pods"].

Command systems

The command system brings a handy set of useful and convenient commands to you. Each command starts with a : (colon), followed by the name, and function differently in individual. Those commands including but not limited to:


Page down/up easily

You can press space after the keyword, then increase or decrease the number of - (hyphen) to page down or page up.